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Why are Water-based Paints Critical for a Healthy Home?

The first introduction of water-based paints into the decorating industry, was faced with considerable resistance from painters and decorators due to its poor application and finish. For this reason, solvent-based products remained the dominant force in the painting and decorating industry for an extended period. However, the over-reliance on solvent-based paints is now coming to an end due to new regulations and the discovery that the chemicals used in the manufacture of these paints, have many adverse health and environmental problems.

One of the significant issues with solvent-based products is that as the paint dries, the fumes and odours produced are toxic, leading to potential long-term health problems. People at risk include the painter and the homeowner. Furthermore, additional solvents are then required to clean up paint brushes and tools, with the further problem of disposing of the harmful chemicals.

The latest versions of water-based paints have now evolved into a superior product with many added advantages including lack of harmful fumes, quick drying times, colour retention and excellent durability and longevity. As with all paint products, it is essential that the best quality product and tools are used to achieve outstanding results. At Artisan Decorators we only use the best water-based paint products available. These include Mylands Paints, Benjamin Moore, Little Green, Eico and Farrow & Ball.

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